Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

World Nuclear News: Further delay for Rokkasho reprocessing plant

‘The trial operation of the Rokkasho used nuclear fuel reprocessing facility is not expected to be completed in November, as scheduled, according to Isami Kojima, president of Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd (JNFL). The further delay has resulted from JNFL being required to submit an additional report to the government on a test it restarted in October to produce vitrified waste.’

Dong-A Ilbo: Radioactive Waste Being Stored in Seoul, Daejeon

‘The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute has kept low and intermediate levels of radioactive waste in Seoul and Daejeon, a report by the think tank said yesterday.’

Fresh News: ‘France ready to help Bangladesh build nuclear power station’

‘France's envoy to Dhaka Charley Causeret has said that his country was ready to help build a nuclear power station in Bangladesh.’

BBN: Estonia close to pulling the plug on nuclear power project

‘Estonian leaders seem to have made a principle decision that Estonia would distance itself from the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant project.’

Counterpunch: Is Nuclear Power Green?

‘We are told that nuclear power is about to achieve a "green renaissance," "clean coal" is just around the corner, and municipal garbage is a "renewable resource," which, when burned, will yield "sustainable energy." On the other hand, sometimes we are told that solar, geothermal and tidal power are what we really need to "green" our energy system. How is a person to make sense of all these competing claims?'