Following the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Bulgaria’s Belene nuclear plant failing to adequately address seismic considerations, accident response, and decommissioning, we have this from a report by Greenpeace Canada on nuclear power plants in Ontario.

I think most Canadians would be surprised to learn that historically environmental reviews on nuclear stations in Canada haven’t assessed the environmental impacts of nuclear power’s biggest hazards, such as the long-term storage of radioactive waste and nuclear accidents leading to large radiation releases. Unsurprisingly, this leads to misleading environmental assessments that conclude there will be “no significant environmental impacts.”

Who knew the standards in producing EIAs was consistently lax on opposite sides of the planet?

The report also highlights how…

…Canada’s nuclear safety standards fail to protect Canadians from the full range of real accident and terrorist threats posed by nuclear stations. It also finds that all three reactor designs being considered for Ontario contain flaws that leave them vulnerable to radiation releases following an accident or terrorist attack.

Go and have a read.