Good news, everybody! Nuclear power with all its connotations of bombs and death is getting a makeover. William Tucker, writing in the Wall Street Journal want to rename dirty, contaminating and incompetent nuclear power as ‘Terrestrial Energy’.

‘Terrestrial Energy’ comes from the Earth itself, you see. Something that comes from Mother Nature can’t be dangerous or nasty, can it? (Apart from sharks, wasps, volcanoes, earthquakes, appendixes…)

It isn’t ‘unacceptably dangerous or diabolical’, apparently. ‘You could not blow up a nuclear reactor if you tried,’ says Tucker, who obviously hasn’t heard of Chernobyl. Or the TOMSK reprocessing in western Siberia which literally blew its own roof off in 1993.

Still, ‘Terrestrial Energy’. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The wondrous, bounteous Earth providing energy for its children. While poisoning them, giving them cancer, and making them fight with each other.