Tricastin, the accident-prone French nuclear power plant is in the news again this morning. It almost deserves a blog of its own. If the plant was a celebrity it would be Britney Spears, a person for whom there were once high hopes but now, despite her best efforts, can’t help but find herself in very public compromising and embarrassing situations as the rest of look on in horror.

Not content with creating real alarm with leaks and contamination in the last few weeks, the plant had a false one on Tuesday this week when over 120 workers had to be evacuated.

At least the owners of Tricastin EDF say it was a false alarm. French nuclear watchdog ASN, having seemingly learned to take nothing coming out of the mouths of nuclear PR spokespeople at face value, are awaiting the results of an independent examination of the site.

Forty-five employees were found to have small traces of radiation on them but these were found to be from the leak that took place last week. Talk about stressful - we bet the plant’s workers’ hearts are beating a little bit faster these days.

Tricastin is starting to resemble one of those circus clown’s cars, with its belching tailpipe, its doors falling off, and its alarming honking noises. We dread to think what might happen next. A clown’s car traditionally collapses with a bang. We hope there'll be a full national debate on nukes in France soon to avoid any crash.