Save the Planet: now… or NOW

Feature story - 16 January, 2009
The Arctic Sunrise has embarked on a tour of Brazil to warn against the impacts of climate change and highlight the important role Brazil can play in fighting it.


Brazil needs to commit itself to targets for reducing greenhouse gasses, eliminating the deforestation of the Amazon

The Arctic Sunrise sailed through heavy rains into the port of Manaus to an energetic welcome from local partners, state government representatives and media who are lending their support to our campaign.

The "Save the Planet: now…or NOW" tour will focus on solutions to deforestation and climate change, together with an end to nuclear energy in Brazil. It will also highlight the positive impacts that healthy forests, oceans and renewable energy in Brazil can have on the global community.

With this year's crucial UN meeting on climate change in Copenhagen on the horizon - come December the international community will have to start its blueprint for the next phase of the Kyoto Protocol, it is now or never, as the Arctic Sunrise helps spread the urgency of the problem and the need for governments to act on climate change.

The science is clear: in 2015, global CO2 emissions must be stabilised and deforestation completely halted in the Amazon. By 2050, we need to have built a zero carbon future. To meet this challenge, we need a global effort to share responsibilities among citizens, governments, private businesses and civil society.

Check out the images of the Save the Planet tour's first stop - Manaus and the Amazon river.


The Arctic Sunrise's first port of call - in what is arguably the most important year for climate discussions - is no coincidence. Brazil plays a pivotal role in the global climate debate as it is currently the 4th largest greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitter in the planet. Furthermore, Brazil is in an important position to combat climate change, being among the 10 largest economies in the world and is the fourth largest emitter of CO2.

Deforestation and misuse of land, mainly in the Amazon, is responsible for 75 percent of Brazilian emissions of GHGs. The destruction of the Amazon forest releases more than 800 million tonnes ofcarbon dioxide every year.

Brazil needs to commit itself to targets for reducing greenhouse gases, eliminating the deforestation of the Amazon by 2015, promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency and implementing a network of marine areas to protect the oceans.

The Arctic Sunrise will be open to the public at its ports of call. Check out the agenda of the Arctic Sunrise during its "Save the Planet: now or NOW" tour (Portuguese).

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