Mickey and Minnie action update

Background - 21 April, 2004
Mickey and Minnie spent 30 hours on the Disney building before coming down for a well-earned rest. Despite two meetings with Disney managers it seems that the US headquarters is refusing to admit that selling products for children containing toxic chemicals is not the action of a responsible company.

Disney product tested for toxic chemicals

Watch an interview with campaigner Oliver Knowles at the scene.

Campaigner Mark Strutt added; "After spending nearly 30 hours at Disney's HQ in London it has become apparent that Disney clearly think it is acceptable to continue to sell products containing dangerous chemicals to children. Their abject failure to do the right thing means that this campaign will continue".

If irresponsible companies like Disney fail to stop selling products with hazardous chemicals then the governments must step in and do something about it.

We need your help to up the pressure on Disney - write to tell them to clean up their act.