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Feature story - November 6, 2006
As politicians gather for the UN climate meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, people across the globe have been busy sending a clear message – we want decisive action on climate change not more hot air.

Sydney voters call for clean renewable energy during the 'walk against warming'.

Thousands of people joined the global day of climate action on Nov 4 todemand decisive steps to combat the biggest threat to the planet.  Here'sa quick snapshot:


Huge crowds of more than 80,000 joined the 2006 Walk Against Warmingaround Australia. From Melbourne to Maitland, Canberra to Cairns, andeverywhere in between, voters with one voice urged the Howardgovernment to take action against climate change. More images from flickr.


25,000 people packed into London's Trafalgar Square. We were gatheredto make a call for action on climate change - everyone from the Women'sInstitute to the rock band Razorlight. More images from flickr.


Stop Global Warming message formed to issue a call to action forFlorida congressional candidates to take immediate steps todramatically reduce global warming pollution and protect Florida fromclimate change.

Global protests

Protests large and small took place across the globe from Sofia toSydney. Activism has been brought new urgency by the release in the UK of the Stern Report,the review by British economist and government advisor Sir NicholasStern which calls climate change "the greatest and widest-rangingmarketfailure ever seen," and calculates the cost of action now to reducecarbon as being a fraction of what the cost of inaction will be.

"Future generations will not forgive us if we delay"

But will governments listen to the unified voices of the people,scientists, and economists all over the world?  According to SteveSawyer, ourClimate & Energy Policy Advisor:  "The legal,moral, and political obligations of the rich countries are clear: theymust dramatically reduce their emissions and at the same time beprepared to provide massive support to help the poorest countries adaptto the climate change that we are already committed to."

Only the next two weeks will show if there is real global politicalwill to tackle climate change or if politicians again choose to talkinstead of act.

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