Recipe for peace

Feature story - 24 February, 2003
Jo comes from London and cooks for the 20 people on board the Rainbow Warrior everyday. She makes us mouth watering dishes that keep everyone working hard on deck and in the engine room and contented at rest. How does she do it?

Jo, the cook onboard the Rainbow Warrior, enjoys a little sunshine in between cooking energy packed meals for the crew.

While we spend our days keeping the ship in top shape and running smoothly in between trying to stop the march of the war machine, one of the things that keeps us going is Jo's amazing cooking. If it weren't for all the work on deck, we would be packing on the pounds.

We have to fend for ourselves for breakfast, but by lunch we sit down to a variety of dishes for meat eaters and vegetarians. We line up in the mess, heap our plates full, sit down and for the first few minutes everyone is silent. Then with our bellies full the joking and laughing takes over before heading back to work for the afternoon. The happy ritual is repeated again for supper followed by some struggle for chocolate where the captain sometimes uses his clout to take first pick of the box.

So how does our adored cook Jo manage to feed all the crew and guests on board the Rainbow Warrior and keep everyone happy and hard working?

She tells it best herself. Listen to her answer as she cooks lunch for the crew before the anti-war action in Rotterdam (mp3).

Listen to Joe's explanation of how she got started cooking on a Greenpeace ship and why she loves to do it (mp3).

You want a quick way to cook for 20 peace activists and keep them protesting? Try Jo's recipe for Creamy Mushroom Soup which warmed the crew up after a cold night in Antwerp.

Coarsely chop two kilograms of mushrooms and sauté in a large pot with a cup of butter. Mix in 100ml of flour. Then add five litres of vegetable broth and bring to a boil. Add salt and nutmeg and let the broth simmer for five minutes. Then add 625ml of heavy cream. If activists are really cold, add 250ml of dry sherry. Then take a hand blander to the mixture and puree into a fine liquid so activists don't have to waste any energy chewing. Serve hot and watch them smile.

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