US just being climate change 'moron'

Canada and New Zealand doing more on climate change

Feature story - 10 December, 2002
Canada and New Zealand are doing more to combat climate change by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol this week putting the global agreement to cut greenhouse gases one step closer to reality. But the US and Australian governments are proving they are just morons by refusing to ratify the international treaty they signed five years ago.

Save our planet!! Send Bush back to his!

The Canadian government finally came to its senses after five yearstrying to weaken the Kyoto Protocol. Canada now recognises thatratification is of benefit to industrialised nations.

With Canada to the north, Mexico to the south, and 97 othercountries around the world having ratified the Kyoto Protocol, the USis surrounded, outnumbered and out of step with international action onclimate change.

But Australia is still blindly following the US lead and will becomeequally isolated with New Zealand and most of its other Asia Pacifictrading partners having already ratified the agreement.

Australian businesses, like their US counterparts, will be cut out of the opportunities that joining the Protocol would provide.

With New Zealand and Canada ratifying the agreement, it will becomeinternationally binding law as soon as Russia ratifies - a moveexpected to come in 2003.

The Kyoto Protocol will become law when a minimum of 55 countrieshave ratified the agreement covering at least 55 percent of 1990 levelgreenhouse emissions from industrialised countries. New Zealand andCanada's ratification brings the total to 99 countries, covering 40.9percent of greenhouse


This is a great move by New Zealand and Canada, but these countriesmust adopt implementation plans that are not too lenient on industrialpolluters.

The Kyoto Protocol is only the first step. We have to begin reducinggreenhouse gas emissions immediately, and implement even deeper cuts asrapidly as possible if we are to prevent dangerous climate change.

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Note: Google reports almost 1500occurences of the phrase "Bush is a moron" on the internet. The mostrecent high-profile utterance of the phrase was by a top aide toCanadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. The aide was under pressure fromthe US to resign, presumably for saying aloud what everyone else wasthinking.

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