Peace in the Middle East

Let's start with a nuclear weapons free zone

Feature story - 24 July, 2006
Greenpeace is gravely concerned and shares horror at the escalating violence and conflict in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza.


Greenpeace is opposed to war and violence in every part of the world.The path to peace is never a violent one, and the recent escalation ofthe conflict in the region is deeply saddening. Only peacefulcooperation and dialogue between different peoples and nations offerthe chance of lasting peace in this region.

Greenpeace believes that the best contribution to the current situationis to continue with campaigns in this region on oceans, energy &disarmament. While nuclear weapons are not a cause of this conflict,they are one key obstacle to attaining peace in the region. As such ourcampaign for a peaceful energy revolution and a nuclear free middleeast are the most positive and productive steps that can be takentowards greater security and stability in the region and cooperationbetween states.

Turkey, with 90 nuclear weapons stationed in Incirlik bordering theMiddle East, can be considered a nuclear state, of strategic importancein the region. The Turkish government should provide leadership in bothEurope/NATO and in the Middle East by getting rid of these weapons andsupport the call for a nuclear-free Middle East.