Will Bulgaria embrace a clean energy future?

Feature story - 10 August, 2005
Greenpeace occupied a construction site in Belene, Bulgaria, today with a simple message: the answer to dangerous climate change is not a dangerous, polluting nuclear power plant built in an earthquake zone.

Activists opposing the construction of the Belene nuclear plant. The US$3 billion cost of the plant would be much better spent on energy efficiency and wind power.

More than 50 activists from Bulgaria and across Europe occupied theconstruction site of the nuclear plant, which iscosting Bulgaria US$ 3 billion and promises amountain of hazardous nuclear waste that nobody knows what to dowith.

Even worse, the energy that the plant is designed to produce couldeasily be replaced by much cheaper energy efficiency measures and byexploiting Bulgaria's bountiful wind resources for clean renewableenergy.

Winner and losers

Big business will be the only winners from the construction of theplant while the local communities will have to deal with theconsequences.

The plant is being built in a known earthquake zone.

AlbenaSimeonova, a Goldman-award winning environmentalist, is leading thelocal opposition. She has been threatened and survived a suspectedattempt on herlife.

Speaking from the occupation she said she was delighted to see the powerfulforces behind the plant construction under pressure.

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