Greenpeace Statement on conclusion of Bonn climate talks

Press release - 6 August, 2010
Bonn – 6th August 2010--As the Russian wildfires spread to 20 regions, now threatening nuclear sites (1) - and Pakistan is underwater, the climate negotiations in Bonn are limping to a close with no sign of any climate deal in sight, Greenpeace said today.

“The climate negotiators here seem oblivious to what is going on around them: Russia is on fire and Pakistan is drowning – yet they seem happy to continue as if they have all the time in the world,” said Wendel Trio, Greenpeace International Climate Policy Director, from Bonn.  

Among the worst offenders this week have been the US, Australia and Japan (with Canada’s quiet support) making increasingly radical demands from developing countries, whilst doing virtually nothing at home. But many other countries have also shown unwillingness to seek agreement.

With only one week of negotiations left before Cancun, the only thing moving upwards is the number of square brackets in the text.  While negotiations have begun, the divergence is bigger than ever – but largely for the same reason: countries are looking to each other to take the first step.  

We need industrialized countries to make this step and show real commitments to deep emissions cuts and serious financial support.  

Greenpeace noted that the negotiators in Bonn clearly needed a stronger mandate from their superiors at home.   

“Will Governments really risk letting this process die?  It’s the same old story – until industrialized countries put stronger emission reduction targets on the table that will actually do the job of tackling climate change, that divergence will continue,” added Trio.  

What we need to see is a reflection of the urgency of the issue from countries during the last week of the climate talks before Cancun, (taking place in China in early October). This will allow them to get agreement in Cancun on some of the building blocks needed to conclude a strong deal for the climate next year.


Greenpeace international climate policy director Wendel Trio +32 473 170 887

Greenpeace International Communications Alexandra Dawe: + 31646177533

(1) Expert availability:  the Russian fires are now threatening nuclear power sites – for interviews on this issue please call  Greenpeace nuclear campaigner Dr. Rianne Teule, +31(0)650640961