Greenpeace protests at six coal plants across Poland

Press release - 9 November, 2013
Warsaw, 9 November 2013 – Before the UN climate conference in Warsaw begins, Greenpeace has projected, until early Sunday morning, messages on six coal power plants in Poland to urge the world’s governments to phase out fossil fuels which cause serious environmental damage.

Across Poland, messages like “Climate change starts here!” and “Storms start here!” were displayed to highlight that coal power plants are major carbon emitters which are central to causing climate change as well as being catalysts for the kind of storm which has recently ravaged the Philippines.

The messages were displayed in several languages.

Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, said about COP19:

“It is time governments stopped acting in the interests of the fossil fuel industries. It is time they stopped putting the interests of corporate carbon profits ahead of people and the planet.”

On the fourth largest coal power plant in the world, Bełchatów, the message, “Arctic melt starts here!” was projected to draw the world’s attention to the exploitation of the Arctic by the fossil fuel industries and to shine a light on the brave Greenpeace activists and journalists who protested peacefully against Arctic oil drilling and climate change and are still jailed in Russia, for the 52nd day now.

“By failing to reach agreements in the past, world leaders have left us reliant on the courage of ordinary people like the Arctic 30, who put their liberty on the line to protect our future. It is tragically ironic that they sit in a freezing Russian jail whilst the fossil fuel industry enjoys unrestricted access to governments at a conference held to protect the climate,” said Naidoo.

In addition, the Polish government – in a country where 90% of its economy is based on fossil fuels – are blocking EU ambitions to provide concrete commitments in climate negotiations.

 Maciej Muskat, Director of Greenpeace Poland, said:

 “Polish decision makers are complicit in speeding up the Arctic melt and slowing down efforts to reach a global climate deal. However Poland has an opportunity to halve its coal demand and quadruple its renewable energy, if obstacles are removed and right incentives are put in place.” [1]  

Greenpeace calls on governments at the Warsaw climate conference (COP19) to speed up their immediate emission cuts and commit to pledging new emission reduction targets in 2014. The targets must be fair and ambitious, leading to an agreement that marks the beginning of an end to the fossil fuel era. A new agreement is set to be finalized in 2015.


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[1] Energy [r]evolution for Poland available here:  



Tina Loeffelbein, International Communications COP19, phone: +49 151 167 209 15

Maciej Muskat, Director of Greenpeace Poland, phone: +48 500 236 210