Greenpeace reaction to Japanese Prime Minister Kan’s call for a “nuclear-free society”

Press release - 13 July, 2011
Tokyo, Japan 13th 2011 – Greenpeace welcomes Japan’s Prime Minister Kan comment calling for Japan to “aim for a nuclear-free society”. “Greenpeace is calling on world leaders to take heed of Prime Minister Kan’s call for a nuclear-free society. Not only is this the only sensible response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, it demonstrates the vision to champion a future driven by renewable energy and efficiency, where nuclear is phased out, and public safety put first,” said Greenpeace International climate & energy campaigner Lauri Myllyvirta.

“Japan’s parliament now needs to respond to the Prime Minister’s courage by passing the Renewable Energy Promotion Bill during the current Diet session, while Japan’s government must immediately withdraw all plans to build new reactors and prepare a gradual phase-out plan for the existing ones, especially those at most risk from natural disasters.”

“Following the nuclear phase-out decisions made by Germany, Prime Minister Kan’s statement sends another clear reminder that not only is nuclear technology inherently dangerous, uncontrollable and unsustainable, but that the smart energy choice of the future will be the harnessing of renewable energy and increased efficiency. With 370,000 people already employed by Germany’s renewable energy industry, Japan can be the next country to spur the growth of green jobs”.

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