Poland must prove trustworthiness as host of 2013 climate talks

Press release - 28 November, 2012
Doha, November 28, 2012 – In reaction to news that Poland will host the next UNFCCC climate talks, COP 19, in 2013, Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe climate expert Jiri Jerabek made the following statement:

"The prospect of Poland hosting the next global climate conference is hugely concerning. At a time when action is desperately needed, a host country should be firmly committed to climate protection and be able to negotiate compromises and seal deals, but Poland has a bad track record on both counts.

"At the national level, the Polish government plans to open several new lignite mines that will prolong the country's dependency on coal for the next 100 years and, internationally, Poland has three times vetoed the EU debate on more ambitious climate action.

"If Poland is to become a trustworthy presidency of the next COP, we urge Warsaw to stop blocking a higher EU climate target and the strengthening of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, to stop pushing excess permits to pollute in the form of 'hot air' and commit to real action at home to reduce emissions."

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