Revolutionary masts raised on new Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior

Press release - 8 July, 2011
Berne-Motzen, Germany (July 8, 2011) -- A revolutionary mast system was raised today on the new Greenpeace flagship ship Rainbow Warrior III, at the Fassmer shipyard near Bremen, marking a key milestone in the ship’s construction and coinciding with 26th anniversary of the sinking of first Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand (1).

The highly efficient 55m-high A-Frame mast system, created by the famous Dutch naval architecture firm Dijkstra and Partners, can carry far more sail than a conventional mast of the same size, and is the first time this design has been installed on a vessel of the Rainbow Warrior’s size.

The innovative Rainbow Warrior III is Greenpeace’s first purpose-built vessel, and will play a key role in Greenpeace's future campaigns, allowing the organisation to continue bearing witness and taking action to prevent environmental crimes around the world. The ship will be officially launched in Autumn 2011, to mark the Greenpeace’s 40th anniversary.

The shape of the Rainbow Warrior’s hull has been designed for maximum fuel conservation – the Rainbow Warrior has to the option to switch to diesel-electric propulsion in the absence of wind.  The ship also has many other features that make it much more environmentally friendly than other ships such as a central filling system for oil and fuel in order to prevent spillages and biological treatment of gray and black water.

“Having the latest in green technology, and using the power of the winds, we’ll be ready to confront environmental criminals anywhere in the world”, said Captain Joel Stewart, who will be the first to take command of the Rainbow Warrior III.

Fundraising for the € 23.2 million project is still underway, with members of the public being invited to “buy” part of the ship. For more information see

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(1) The first Rainbow Warrior was bombed by the French Secret Service in Auckland, New Zealand on July 10 1985. The 2nd Rainbow Warrior was acquired by Greenpeace in 1987 and was in operation since 1989.

(2) For more on the Rainbow Warrior being floated, see: .The construction will be completed on 14 October 2011 in time for the environmental organisation's 40th anniversary in the Autumn of 2011.