Russian claims over boat ramming 'a fantasy' - Greenpeace International

Press release - 9 October, 2013
Amsterdam, 9 October 2013 - Greenpeace International has branded as ‘a fantasy’ claims by Russia’s Investigative Committee that activists endangered the safety of Russian security officers in the course of a peaceful protest at a Russian Arctic oil platform.

Greenpeace International has today published a slow motion video of an incident in which a Greenpeace boat comes to assist another one being harassed by armed security forces. The Greenpeace boat sails towards the middle of the port side of the security forces boat and then only briefly touches it with the nose, immediately turning away and making a 180° turn to the left. The film clearly demonstrates that the official claims are entirely bogus.

In a statement, Greenpeace International said: “This is another attempt to deflect attention from the growing campaign in Russia and around the world to release the Arctic 30. First we were charged with piracy, now we are accused of another fantasy offence. Fortunately there is video of the incident clearly demonstrating that there was mild contact between two boats in rough seas but nothing more. We urge people to watch the video and judge for themselves. The safety of everybody on a Greenpeace protest, both activists and security officials, is always our top priority. The officials in Murmansk would do well to stick to the facts instead of spreading easily refuted untruths.”

Video is available to view here.

The Investigative Committee today said:

“The Investigation is determining the range of persons who deliberately rammed the (security forces) boat, preventing border guards carrying out their duties. Thus, by their actions the defendants infringed on the life and health of officials… In this investigation it is clear that a number of defendants will be charged with other serious crimes.” (1)



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