500 “bombspotters” arrested during massive citizens inspection of NATO nuclear weapons

Press release - 16 April, 2005
A massive police presence greeted inspectors from Greenpeace and Bombspotting at NATO-HQ, SHAPE and Kleine Brogel airbase. Greenpeace activists from the six NATO countries currently hosting the 480 nuclear weapons based in Europe: Italy, Germany, Belgium, UK, Turkey and the Netherlands joined the inspection team .

Greenpeace activists attempt a citizens' inspection of NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Greenpeaceand Bombspotting are demanding that NATO become a nuclear freealliance.In two weeks the 184 member countries of the nuclear NonProliferation Treaty will meet. "They have a clear choice. Eitherdisarmament or a new arms race", said Hans Lammerant, fromBombspotting.

"We choose nuclear disarmament! And a necessarystep towards nuclear disarmament is the withdrawal of US nuclearweapons from NATO countries, and an end to the role of nuclear weaponsin NATO policy."

"At a time when key NATO countries are doingso much to encourage Iran to give up its nuclear aspirations, it wouldbe hypocritical for NATO to not do the same ", said Nicky Davies,Greenpeace International.

"We are part of a growing movementof people who will continue to conduct these inspections of nuclearsites, to bear witness and draw attention to these crimes until theworld is free of nuclear weapons."

In the year that marks the60th anniversary of the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,European citizens are demanding disarmament.

Other contacts: Nicky Davies, Greenpeace International Disarmament campaigner +31 646 197 330Wendel Trio, Greenpeace Belgium Campaign director,tel.+32 496 161 581

Exp. contact date: 2005-05-01 00:00:00