Greenpeace activists visit Spain's governing party in body bags

Activists urge government to stop supporting Bush's march to war

Press release - 26 February, 2003

Greenpeace activists masquerade as corpses by covering themselves in mortuary bags outside the Partido Popular (PP governing party) headquarters in Madrid.

Seven Greenpeace activists placed themselves in mortuary bags outside the headquarters of the governing party, Partido Popular in Madrid this morning to flag up the human cost that the impending military assault on Iraq would have. The activists called on Spanish President, Jose M. Aznar, to stop supporting U.S. President George W. Bush's war plans against Iraq, and demanded that there be "No more blood for oil".

At the same time, other Greenpeace activists delivered a barrel of oil with the names of the world's biggest oil companies painted on it to the General Secretary of the Partido Popular, Javier Arenas, to stress how much oil interests are motivating those determined to wage war against Iraq.

Spanish public opinion strongly opposes the possibility of a war against Iraq, with or without the support of the Security Council of United Nations. This has been evident in numerous opinion polls and clear in the significant turn out for the anti war demonstrations in Spain on February 15.

"If it wants to remain in power, the Partido Popular should distance itself from Aznar's position on an impending conflict with Iraq, and listen to the Spanish people that are saying no to war," said Carlos Bravo of Greenpeace in Spain. "Spanish citizens are pleading for a peaceful solution to this conflict and demanding their government to stop supporting Bush. They know a war would cause humanitarian crisis, costing hundreds of thousands of lives, would devastate the environment and increase global insecurity. And for what? For the control of oil," he added.

Greenpeace is calling on the Partido Popular to ensure the Spanish Congress supports a peaceful solution to the current crisis, one that excludes any type of assault or military intervention. It also urges the Spanish Government to defend and support this same position in the Council of Security of United Nations, as well as in other international fora.