Greenpeace reaction to France's nine-month nuclear delay

Press release - 27 August, 2008
Just nine months into construction, Areva's new flagship nuclear reactor is already nine months behind schedule. This delay echoes the problems at Areva's previous site in Olkiluoto, Finland, where construction is more than two years behind schedule, more than 2 billion Euro over budget and beset with safety problems.

"Clearly Areva has learnt nothing from the ongoing problems at Olkiluoto," said Jan Beranek, Greenpeace International nuclear campaigner, reacting to the news that construction work on the Flamanville reactor is also running behind schedule.

French newspaper Le Canard Enchaine reports that problems with concrete pouring and the reactor liner have led to the delay. These mirror the problems at the Olkiluoto 3 construction site.

"Construction at Flamanville should be abandoned," concluded Beranek. "France would be better served with investments in safe, clean renewable energy and energy efficiency as described in the Greenpeace Energy [R]evolution scenario."

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