Monsanto retreat continues - GE canola dropped in Australia

Press release - 12 May, 2004
According to the Grains Council of Australia, Monsanto is about to announce that the controversial agritech company will shelve plans to introduce GE canola in Australia. The news comes just one day after Monsanto announced it would delay their Roundup Ready wheat program by several years.

Greenpeace GE campaigner in Australia, Jeremy Tager said: "GE canola has been the heart of Monsanto's commercial ambitions in Australia. In the last few months they have abandoned GE crops in the UK; abandoned research into GE pharmaceutical crops, yesterday abandoned GE wheat and now are abandoning GE canola in Australia. The writing is on the wall - no one wants GE."

Increasing opposition from consumers and farmers has been instrumental in achieving temporary bans on GE crops in several Australian states, most recently the state of Victoria decided in March 2004 to ban all GE food crops until 2008.

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