Six party talks must target all nuclear dangers, not just North Korean ones

Press release - 11 November, 2005
The Korean Federation for Environmental Movement (KFEM) and Greenpeace called for negotiators at the Six Party talks to adopt a more comprehensive approach to peace and security that focuses on changes required by all players in the region, not just North Korea.

What's happening in North Korea is part of a larger regionalproblem," said Lee Sanghoon, KFEM Policy Director, after thelatest round of talks wrapped up in Beijing with little progress. "Negotiators need to address that larger problem head on. Andchanges will be required from all countries at the table."

The groups recommended three operating principles for the talks whenthey resume. The first is that all nuclear weapons in the region, notjust North Korea's, be targeted for removal. "Itwill be difficult for the United States to make its case about NorthKorea's weapons, until it commits not to deploy, store ortransit its own nuclear weapons through the region," saidGreenpeace spokesperson Jo Dufay.

Secondly, discussions about providing North Korea with nuclear energyshould be stopped, because all nuclear reactors, including light waterreactors, produce nuclear weapons usable material. "If we wantto do everything possible to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, wehave to stop using nuclear energy as a bargaining chip," saidDufay.

Thirdly, Greenpeace and KFEM called for measures to build trust,including reconfirming a "No First Strike" policy in the region."Improved peace and security in the region is possible, butbelligerence has to stop before we can make genuine progress at the sixparty talks," Lee said.

Other contacts: Jo Dufay, Greenpeace - +82 18-696-3000; Lee Sanghoon. Korean Federation for Environmental Movement – +82 10-7770-7034

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