Greener Electronics Samsung Ranking - 8th Edition

Publication - 25 June, 2008
Samsung comes in at fourth place with 4.5, scoring well on chemicals and waste criteria.Since November 2007, all new models of LCD panels are PVC-free, important in driving the market to PVC-free, with Samsung being the #1 supplier globally. The company has launched partially BFR-free models of mobile phone and developed halogen-free memory chips and semiconductors for certain applications. Samsung’s score on e-waste is helped by getting top marks for reporting recycling rates of 137% for TVs (based on past sales 10 years ago, the average life span, since when Samsung’s TV sales have increased 10-fold), 12% for PCs (based on 7 year lifespan) and 9% for mobile phones (based on 2 year lifespan). It also scores the highest marks on its use of recycled plastic, which is 16.1%, though only 0.2% is post-consumer plastic. On energy, Samsung scores pathetically and only scores points for disclosing total GHG emissions from its operations in Korea (the majority of its operations).