Greener electronics HP ranking: Second Edition

Publication - 6 December, 2006
HP scores top points for providing a substitution timeline for future substances on its radar, strong support for Individual Producer Responsibility and for being the first major company to devise an electronic waste take back / recycling metric based on percent of sales. HP loses points for failing to provide timelines for the complete elimination of toxic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and all brominated flame retardants (BFRs). The 2007 date on HP’s website is misleading. Their goal is to prepare a substitution plan for BFRs and PVC in 2007, not to eliminate these harmful substances during that year.In September 2006, one penalty point was deducted from the company’s overall score when testing of an HP laptop revealed the presence of a type of brominated flame retardant, known as decaBDE, that HP claims not to use. HP has uploaded a statement to its website that reaffirms their commitment to non-use of decaBDE, explains how decaBDE came to be found in an HP laptop and what action was taken to avoid similar problems in the future. Thus the penalty point has been lifted. See the statement at:

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