Greener electronics LG Electronics ranking: Fifth Edition

Publication - 19 September, 2007
LGE has climbed from second to last position to 5th in this version of the Guide. This ascent is due in part to LGE having its penalty point lifted, which it received for operating corporate double standards on Individual Producer Responsibility. LGE has now concluded its membership of a Coalition that has been opposing Producer Responsibility and lobbying for U.S. consumers to pay an Advanced Recycling Fee (ARF). LGE also gains a point for improving the figures it provides on its recycling volumes. However, LGE has yet to report on its recycling rate as a percentage of past sales.LGE gains points for launching models of mobile phones free of brominated flame retardants (BFRs). There is improvement in its voluntary product take back and recycling efforts, but LGE needs to provide more takeback services for discarded products other than mobile phones.

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