Greener Electronics Nokia Ranking - 6th Edition

Publication - 27 November, 2007
Nokia loses its top position, falling down to 9th position. This is due to the penalty point for corporate misbehaviour on its takeback and recycling practice. Testing of Nokia’s takeback programme by Greenpeace revealed confusing web information and Nokia staff who are not informed about the takeback in the Philippines, Thailand, Argentina, Russia and India. In Thailand, Russia and Argentina, information on Nokia’s takeback service is not available in the local language. Also, Nokia scores badly for poor reporting on the quantities of discarded mobiles that it recycles as a percentage of past sales.On the chemicals criteria, Nokia does much better, having already eliminated PVC from new models of mobiles. It is now eliminating brominated flame retardants (BFRs) from remaining applications in new flexible circuits. Nokia gets top marks for its support for Individual Producer Responsibility. Every company should assume responsibility for the electronic waste arising from its own-brand discarded products).

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