Greener electronics Panasonic ranking: Fourth Edition

Publication - 27 June, 2007
Panasonic moved up from 13th to 12th due in large to providing a list of products on the market that are free of PVC. They include DVD players and recorders, home cinemas, video players and lighting equipment. Panasonic has now committed to eliminating all uses of PVC in their products – starting with internal wiring, as this hampers recycling – and have set a timeline of 2011 for getting PVC out of its notebooks. But, on brominated flame retardants (BFRs), the company has yet to commit to their elimination in all products, although a timeline of 2011 has been set for getting BFRs out of notebooks and mobiles – a fraction of Panasonic’s large product range.Panasonic scores poorly for its lack of support for Individual Producer Responsibility and its limited voluntary take-back programmes. Panasonic has yet to report on its recycling rate as a percentage of past sales.

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