Greener Electronics Panasonic Ranking - 9th Edition

Publication - 16 September, 2008
Panasonic increases its score to 4.5 points but drops to 11th place. It earns most of its points on chemicals issues; it has added six more product groups to its many models ofPVC-free products, including DVD players and recorders, home cinemas, video players and lighting equipment. Panasonic gives two examples of products free of BFRs – fluorescentceiling lamps and a kitchen lamp. Despite putting these PVC-free and BFR-free products on the market, Panasonic has yet to commit to fully eliminating all PVC and BFRs in its fullproduct portfolio.The company scores poorly on e-waste and only slightly better on energy; Panasonic discloses greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its own operations that have external verificationand commits to absolute reduction in emissions. It scores well on energy efficiency, with 99.2% of main models of TVs launched in 2005 meeting Energy Star and 64% exceedingby 50%. 100% of PCs launched since 2007 meet the latest Energy Star standard and 30% exceed. Despite this excellent performance, Panasonic fails to score full marks on energyefficiency, because it does not provide data on external power supplies used in the mobile phones that it sells.