Greener electronics Sony ranking: Fifth Edition

Publication - 19 September, 2007
Sony is now in 6th position, up from the bottom position it occupied in the forth version of the Guide. This is due in part to Sony having had its penalty point lifted because it no longer operates double standards on Individual Producer Responsibility. Sony has concluded its membership of the US Coalition that has been opposing Producer Responsibility and lobbying for U.S. consumers to pay an Advanced Recycling Fee (ARF). Sony has also gained points for providing a timeline of end of 2010 for eliminating PVC and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) in all new models of mobile products. The company now presents many more examples of products free of BFRs and PVC, including models of the VAIO notebook, Walkman, camcorder and digital camera.Other reasons for Sony’s climb up the ranking is the improved coverage of its takeback and recycling programme, specifically in the US, and improved information to its customers on what to do with their discarded products. However, Sony has yet to report on its recycling rate as a percentage of past sales.

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