Greener Electronics Sony Ranking - 8th Edition

Publication - 25 June, 2008
Sony comes in 2nd with the same total score of 5.1 as Sony Ericsson, but with fewer points on the chemicals criteria, which determines the ranking when total scores are tied. Sony still does relatively well on chemicals, its score boosted by having models on the market that are partially free of PVC and BFRs, including three models of video recorders and many models of the Personal Computer VAIO, "WALKMAN", Camcorder and Digital camera.On waste issues, Sony scores relatively high by supporting Individual Producer Responsibility, providing some voluntary take-back and recycling of the e-waste generated by their branded products and reporting a recycling rate of 53% based on past sales of TVs and PCs. Sony's low score on energy is improved by disclosing externally-verified greenhouse gas emissions for over 200 sites, reporting on its use of renewable energy (1.02% as a proportion of total electricity use) in 2006 and committing to absolute cuts in GHG emissions.