Greener Electronics Toshiba Ranking - 7th Edition

Publication - 18 March, 2008
Toshiba has climbed up the ranking from joint 6th to joint 1st, by improving its score on Individual Producer Responsibility, whereby eachcompany takes care of the electronic waste from its own-branded discarded end-of-life products. This is as a result of leaving the ElectronicManufacturers’ Coalition for Responsible Recycling, which does not support Producer Responsibility for e-waste generated by electronicproducts, but is demanding that consumers pay ARFs (Advanced Recycling Fees). The company also scores well on the other e-wastecriteria.Toshiba has made commitments to phase out polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) from its whole productrange by 2009; it offers models of laptops whose circuit boards are free from BFRs, EcoMark-certified products without PVC, and providesexamples of other components and parts that are free from these harmful substances.

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