How the Japanese 'Research' Whaling Programme Could Be Ended Through the Japanese Government Current Review of Expenditure

Publication - 12 November, 2009
The Japanese government-funded whaling programme runs at a loss and consumes more than US$8 million annually. A government spending review may be a effective way to cut lethal whaling.

Executive summary: The new Japanese Prime Minister has instituted a review of government spending. The review is being driven from the top by Prime Minister Hatoyama, and the Administrative Reform Minister, Yoshito Sengoku, has already indicated in media reports that its scope will be wide-ranging. It presents a significant face-saving opportunity for the new administration to cut the lethal whaling programme. The industry already runs at a loss, and its losses are set to increase despite receiving 795 million yen ($8.8 million US dollars) in government subsidies this year alone.

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