Joint Statement by a group of Industry and NGOs on Producer Responsibility for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Publication - 7 March, 2007
Greenpeace has joined 22 electronics sector firms and 11 other organisations calling for better support across Europe for companies like Samsung, HP, Sony, Dell, Acer, Motorola and Nokia, which are working to design environmentally friendlier products that do not harm the environment after disposal, during their recycling.

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Executive summary: Efforts by the greenest companies are currently being hampered by 12 European countries, due to their incorrect implementation of an EU law on waste electronic and electrical equipment, which came into force for new electronics products sold after August 2005.Although the law obliges manufacturers to take individual responsibility for financing the recycling their products put on the market after August 2005, when they are discarded by consumers over 12 countries have made producers collectively responsibile for ever for their end-of-life products. This means that companies that have re-designed their products to reduce recycling costs will not be rewarded for their efforts, but will cross-subsidise the end-of-life costs of the laggards.As new products sold after August 2005 will soon start entering the waste stream, there is no time to lose to close this loophole and support the cleanest companies in their green design drive!

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