The Construction Cost of Municipal Waste Incinerators - Counter Measures against Dioxin. The Entire Picture of Domestic Expenditure and Its Trend

Publication - 21 May, 2001

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Executive summary: The expenditure for constructing waste incineration plants are mostly covered by national subsidies (for those plants that fulfill certain conditions)and the flotation of loans by the local municipalities. The rest are covered by the general budget of each municipality (Fig.2-1). The information for this survey was derived from reports by the Ministry of Environment (former Ministry of Health and Welfare) concerning national subsidies and the Ministry of General Affairs (former Ministry of Home Affairs) regarding loans from municipalities. From this information it has become clear that the total expenditure for the construction and improvement of waste incineration plants in Japan has cost the taxpayer between 600 billion yen to 800 billion yen per year over the last five years. This is approximately 5 – 7 billion dollar as exchange rate 120 yen/dollar. (The exchange rate is set as 120yen/dollar hereafter.)

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