Project Aurora - a Journey to Save the Arctic

A group of young people has just returned from the North Pole, where they went to declare it protected on behalf of all life on Earth. Backed by millions, they planted a flag for the future on the seabed and called for a sanctuary in the uninhabited area around the pole.

Meet Team Aurora. They belong to a movement which is almost three million strong. Together, we are calling for world leaders to protect the Arctic and fight climate change. We believe melting sea ice is a warning, not simply a chance to drill for more oil.

Sign the Arctic scroll to get involved.

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Next Stop North Pole

Slideshow | April 11, 2013

North Pole Expedition Continues

Slideshow | April 9, 2013

Team Aurora Leave Barneo Base

Slideshow | April 8, 2013

Team Aurora

Slideshow | April 5, 2013

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