Martina from the UK

Foto | 14 marzo, 2013

“The Arctic matters to me because it's a beautiful place and home to many animals, it would be such a shame to destroy it. I drew young children because they are loving and they are the best hope for the future, they symbolise hope as well as global community. The dove and the other animals are there not just to represent peace but also the beauty of the natural world.”


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Sargazo en la Rivera Maya

Galería de fotos | 6 octubre, 2015

Despliega Greenpeace pancarta en España para pedir la protección de los océanos

Video | 8 junio, 2015 en 17:04

Activistas de Greenpeace desplegaron una pancarta de 250m2 en Bilbao, España para exigir la protección del océano.

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