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Live webcast of political debate on the Rainbow Warrior

Blog entry by Nick | April 2, 2008

Update: The debate can be viewed here . In Wellington today (2 April 2008) at 7:00 PM, chaired by Sean Plunket from Radio New Zealand's Morning Report and hosted by Greenpeace, NZ politicians are to debate which party’s climate...

Political debate on climate change policy

Image | April 2, 2008 at 1:00

Political debate on climate change policy on board of the Rainbow Warrior chaired by Sean Plunket.

I got a ticket on the hippy ship

Blog entry by Kathy | April 1, 2008

Damian from More FM cleans the toilets aboard the Rainbow Warrior (C) GREENPEACE / SHAROMOV Damien from the More FM breakfast show has joined us on the Rainbow Warrior for the transit between Dunedin and Wellington. Here's what he has...

Killing time (and nearly Kathy) from Dunedin to Wellington

Blog entry by Kathy | March 31, 2008

Safety drills on the Rainbow Warrior (C) GREENPEACE / Sharomov Greenpeace is a stickler for safety. As you might have read in deckhand Alex’s profile , despite working on commercial vessels for several years, he struck a fire drill...

The politics of Climate Change

Blog entry by Nick | March 31, 2008

Greenpeace ship the Rainbow Warrior blocks the State Owned Enterprise Solid Energy’s coal ship the Hellenic Sea from leaving the Port of Lyttelton. (C) Greenpeace / Dimitri Sharomov Our action in Lyttelton was intended to highlight...

International law broken to pursue whaling

Feature story | March 31, 2008 at 5:02

The international convention that helped save the elephant and rhino from extinction at the hands of poachers is now being ignored by the Japanese Fisheries Agency to continue whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Green drinks III and Earth Hour in Dunedin

Blog entry by Kathy | March 30, 2008

Enjoying the open days (C) GREENPEACE / Sharomov Dunedin has been a treat. From the shags hanging about on the main deck, to the record number of people who attended the open days, to the ever-changing weather, it's been a full on and...

The Politics of Climate Change Survey Results

Publication | March 30, 2008 at 0:00

A survey of political parties’ policies on climate change.

Deep Green - March 2008

Blog entry by Nick | March 29, 2008

Greening the Titanic Elle magazine announces that eco-friendly fashions are hip and features Stella McCartney vegan, silk dress sandals at $495, which would work well on a date in the $100,000 Tesla electric sports car. “In this...

Live and direct

Blog entry by Kathy | March 28, 2008

Jo McVeagh being interviewed for the wireless (C) GREENPEACE / Sharomov Today was pretty much taken up with media. More FM Dunedin came on board the ship at 7:30am, just as the sun was rising over the city, and proceeded to broadcast...

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