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One of the Arts of Greenpeace

Blog entry by RobT | May 16, 2008

It's more than 15 years that I've now been working for Greenpeace, and normally my work involves making the near impossible high profile projects happen on budgets that are way too small with human resources that are far too few. This...

Stolen whale meat scandal rocks Japan

Blog entry by Nick | May 15, 2008

This is more about the whale meat scandal from Brian up at Greenpeace International in Amsterdam... Finally, we can tell the story some of us have been sitting on for months now: the whale meat embezzlement we uncovered in Japan , in...

Harpooned: Greenpeace exposes scandal at heart of whaling

Blog entry by Nick | May 15, 2008

Greenpeace Japan whale campaign coordinator Junichi Sato weighs 23.5 kilograms of whale meat stolen by crewmembers of the Nisshin Maru whaling ship. The contents of the box were listed as "cardboard." © Greenpeace No archiving. No...

Harpooned: Greenpeace exposes scandal at heart of whaling

Feature story | May 15, 2008 at 0:00

Stake outs, testimony from informers, hidden cameras and tailing trucks full of stolen goods - it reads like a Hollywood movie, but it was an every day experience for Greenpeace activists in Japan, who have spent four months cracking open a major...

VIDEO: Briefing from the Esperanza in the Pacific

Blog entry by Nick | May 13, 2008

Langi, on board our ship the Esperanza, with an update on destructive fishing in his part of the world, and what we're doing about it.

Pirate of the Pacific busted by Greenpeace

Feature story | May 12, 2008 at 0:00

We caught an illegal tuna purse seiner (Queen Evelyn 168) in the Pacific Commons yesterday. This Philippines-flagged vessel was close to the transfer of tuna between her sister vessel and a refrigerated mothership. It was likely that transfer of...

New Zealand’s Enviroschools: Green from the very start

Blog entry by Greg | May 9, 2008

Be The Change visits a school in Port Chalmers. By Francisca Galvez The issues of sustainability and environmental protection have been gaining greater worldwide attention from the 1990s. New Zealand has acquired a reputation...

Less energy, more beer

Blog entry by Greg | May 9, 2008

Got an old beer fridge sitting out the back, slowly rusting while it keeps a few odd brews chilled? David Suzuki has a good idea for you... Fridges are on 24/7 and use up to 10% of all energy consumed in an average...

“Please remove my name. What you have done is totally unethical!"

Blog entry by Greg | May 7, 2008

A story that could seriously damage the credibility of a broad swathe of climate change sceptics has blown up, in the wake of a new Heartland Institute list of 500 scientists whose work allegedly "undermines the idea of human-induced...

Something is rotten in the state of Godzone...

Blog entry by Kathy | May 7, 2008

Climate Change Minister David Parker defends the Labour party's climate credentials at a recent debate onboard the Rainbow Warrior. Unfortunately for David, Helen Clark’s recent announcements have made the job all that much harder. .

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