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Best opportunity for the creation of world’s largest marine reserves

Blog entry by Richard Page | July 12, 2013

Once again I am attending a meeting of the strangely named CCAMLR (the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources), the organisation responsible for looking after the icy waters that surround Antarctica. ...

Russia says NYET at Ross Sea talks

Blog entry by John Hocevar | July 17, 2013

As I pack up my bags to head home to the US after two weeks in Germany, I have to stop and wonder at how hard it is to get the world working together for a real environmental outcome. I arrived here with about a dozen environmental...

Protecting the Last Ocean: Go Big or Go Home

Blog entry by John Hocevar | October 30, 2012

A group of Adeli penguins in the Southern Ocean in Antarctica The largest marine reserve in the world could be created by people in this room over the next few days. I’m in Tasmania for the annual meeting of the Commission for...

Looking for Hope in the Ruins as CCAMLR Talks Fizzle

Blog entry by John Hocevar | November 2, 2012

Today, CCAMLR 's last chance slipped away to meet its commitment to establish a network of marine protected areas around Antarctica by 2012. As the representative from the European Union and others said, this failure puts the...

Protecting the wild south: Antarctica

Blog entry by Richard Page | November 2, 2011

Oceans campaigner Richard Page is currently attending the annual meeting of CCAMLR Commission, where discussions are underway for a representative network of marine protected areas across the Southern Ocean by 2012. Although it’s...

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