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Marine reserves - just a stone's throw away

Feature story | August 15, 2009 at 0:00

This week we have created a granite shield against bottom trawling in a fragile and ecologically important marine area in Sweden.

Stopping the waste of discarded fish

Blog entry by Phil Crawford | March 2, 2011

Now you see it... Cod caught in the North Sea about to be discarded Adapted from a blog post by Blogpost by Willie Mackenzie, Greenpeace UK Discards are disgusting. No-one with any sense can support the catching,...

Guest blogger Callum Roberts: Future oceans

Blog entry by Callum Roberts | June 25, 2012

All rights reserved . Credit: Callum Roberts Imagine a world, not very far in the future, where families shun the idea of a seaside holiday because the sea is too unpleasant to visit, perhaps even dangerous. The beach is heaped...

Biggest fine in maritime history for Spanish fishing barons in UK

Blog entry by Ariana Densham, Greenpeace UK | July 29, 2012

I don’t know what I expected notorious Spanish fishing barons to look like. Strapping, with deep tans and fancy wrist watches? Or sinewy, wiry and sly? In any case, the four defendants (three men and one woman) looked like fairly...

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