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Five coal plants occupied by climate activists during G8 Summit

Feature story | July 13, 2009 at 3:01

As the G8 limps into its second day our activists have scaled a fifth Italian coal-fired power station, again demanding climate leadership and action from the G8 heads of state.

Denial-a-palooza 2008

Blog entry by Nick | March 5, 2008

[Originally posted by Andrew up at Greenpeace International. ] You know that saying, "denial ain't just a river in Egypt"? Well, there's a bunch of guys meeting in New York right now who make a living out of it. Denying climate...

Kiwis paid by Exxon-funded groups to attend climate sceptic conference

Blog entry by Cindy | March 6, 2008

What were New Zealand climate sceptics like Vincent Gray and Owen McShane doing in New York this week? They were flown there to speak at a climate sceptic conference on global warming funded by US think tanks who take money from...

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