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The Great Climate Challenge

Blog entry by Dan | September 5, 2008

There is something truly inspiring about the enthusiasm of school kids, and there's no doubt, its really infectious. My name is Dan and I have the fantastic job of promoting and coordinating Greenpeace's newest inter school...

Good morning Mr Pol R Bear

Blog entry by Kathy | July 4, 2008

Target Climate It struck me on a number of occasions in recent weeks that I perhaps I was mad. Perhaps I was completely crazy to have agreed to give two, hour-long school presentations to 600 primary school kids. As I sat late into...

Wellington High students send a message to John Key

Blog entry by Jessie Dennis | August 26, 2009

Today Wellington High School students asked John Key to take their future seriously. Wellington sign on volunteer and student Lydia Metcalfe made a speech at school assembly letting students know about the campaign. After the...

Don't eat baked beans

Blog entry by Kathy | March 19, 2008

Enjoying a school visit to the Warrior (C) GREENPEACE / Sharomov A busy day on the good ship RW yesterday. First a visit by the children of Nova Montessori school – about 30 of them filled the bridge deck with chat and little hands...

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