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Survival guide to holiday parties with climate deniers

Blog entry by Malo Herry | December 12, 2012

Two days ago, UN’s general secretary Ban Ki-moon said it was time to “prove wrong” those who still have doubts about climate change at the climate talks in Doha. Since it’s the festive season and you never know when you’ll wind up...

Denial-a-palooza 2008

Blog entry by Nick | March 5, 2008

[Originally posted by Andrew up at Greenpeace International. ] You know that saying, "denial ain't just a river in Egypt"? Well, there's a bunch of guys meeting in New York right now who make a living out of it. Denying climate...

A few emails vs global scientific consensus: guess who the winner is?

Blog entry by nick | December 14, 2009

(Thanks to Nick Anderson for the use of his cartoon.) Like a bad smell, the theft of emails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) hangs around the Copenhagen conference and threatens to distract people from what really needs to...

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