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NZ – friend or foe of the US?

Press release | November 18, 2008 at 0:00

New Zealanders should be seriously alarmed at the prospect of the National-led government damaging the country’s relationship with the United States over its stance on climate change.

Bullsh*t Bingo

Blog entry by Mike Townsley | December 5, 2011

If you've just read our political update , you probably need something to cheer you up. Have a look at the cartoon we whipped up in light of the US's blatant blocking and bullying in the first week of the UN climate talks. It has...

Agriculture plan makes no ripple

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | December 17, 2009

Warning: I’ve only had four hours sleep (excluding my little kip on the conference chairs (left), so let’s see how I go writing this blog…. What kept me up last night was the US negotiating team triggering a major delay and...

Tuvalu’s plea – NZ doesn’t lift a finger

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | December 14, 2009

Today, while tens of thousands gathered in central Copenhagen to march to the Bella Centre, Ian Fry, the negotiator for Tuvalu, was making an impassioned speech for the survival of his country. He had been valiantly struggling ...

Dispatch from Bonn

Blog entry by Kathy | March 31, 2009

It’s spring in the city of Bonn, Germany, where 2,600 people from 180 countries are meeting to negotiate and debate the next phase of international action to tackle climate change. Our very own political advisor Geoff Keey is there to...

US climate protest goes live

Blog entry by Kathy | March 3, 2009

Crowd Scene It’s being called the biggest U.S. protest on climate change — hundreds of activists have gathered around the tiny coal-fired power plant in Washington that heats and cools the halls of power. The 99-year old facility that...

Unclenching fists

Blog entry by Kathy | January 21, 2009

Mount Rushmore National Memorial near South Dakota in the United States, where the faces of former US presidents are set into stone. I cried brushing my teeth this morning, tears mingling with Colgate as I listened to Obama’s...

NZ- friend or foe?

Blog entry by Kathy | November 19, 2008

In a surprise speech to a Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles US President-Elect Barack Obama has thrown down the gauntlet to global leaders over climate change.   "Now’s the time to confront this...

Thank you all

Blog entry by nick | December 22, 2009

2009 has been a hard year for everyone, and we wouldn't have made it without our supporters. We would like to thank you for sticking with us through the tough times, and hope you'll be staying with us in the future. You can read the...

US protest postscript

Blog entry by Kathy | March 3, 2009

Stop Coal! More than 2,500 former coal miners, ministers, mothers, students, and climate activists, representing over 40 states from Arizona to Appalachia, successfully blocked all five entrances to the US Capitol's Power Plant for...

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