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Helicopter pilot blows whistle on tuna industry

Page | June 12, 2012 at 7:40

Take one random floating object, attach a radio beacon so you can find it again, drop it in the ocean and return later with a giant net and scoop up everything in sight. This is how much of the world's tuna is caught - using fish aggregating...

Shane Jones misses the point and sets Sealord spoof video to go viral

Press release | October 3, 2012 at 12:22

Auckland, 3 October 2012 – A Greenpeace spoof of a Sealord television ad is set to go viral following media publicity by Labour MP Shane Jones.

Shark finning in your living room

Blog entry by Phil Crawford | August 26, 2013

Shark finning is banned by many countries but it’s still legal in New Zealand. Not a lot of people know that. But, thanks to the generosity of our supporters and the creative team at Colenso BBDO, we’ve been able to produce and...

YouTube takes down Greenpeace Shell video

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | August 28, 2013

Video of our rather hilarious hijack of Sunday's Shell-sponsored Formula 1 ceremony has been pulled by YouTube following a "Copyright" (AKA "Embarrassment") complaint. While the take down appears to have been ordered by the Formula 1...

Kids Care: Save our Sharks

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | February 21, 2014

Sharks get a bad rap for being ‘dangerous predators’ that need to be controlled. That might be true in Hollywood, but in the real world humans are way more deadly for sharks. Our friend Kaspar Graham-Koorey (and his father) made...

VIDEO: Lyttelton coal blockade and background

Blog entry by Nick | March 28, 2008

This video gives some background to the Greenpeace climate change campaign in New Zealand and some footage from the Rainbow Warrior's blockade of the Hellenic Sea coal shipment in Lyttelton on the 25th March. And...

Launching the Greenpeace balloon

Blog entry by Nick | March 6, 2008

An early start with the balloon (C) GREENPEACE / Nick Young Have you ever been inside a hot air balloon? Probably not. Neither had I until this morning when I got the opportunity to walk around inside one as we prepared to launch the...

VIDEO: Planet A march and concert

Blog entry by Nick Young | December 9, 2009

Here's a selection of highlights from the December 5th 'Planet A' Concert for the Climate. You can watch the full 4 hour recording on ziln.co.nz . Highlights ...

Kirsten Morrell at London march of 30,000

Blog entry by Nick Young | December 9, 2009

Sign On ambassador and esteemed musician Kirsten Morrell was originally billed to perform at the Planet A day concert but due to flooding(!!) she was unable to return to New Zealand from the UK. Instead she went to the Wave march in...

Sign On - There is no planet B

Blog entry by Nick Young | May 22, 2009

The world is on the brink of runaway climate change and it's time to get serious. That's why this year, Greenpeace has launched the most urgent, ambitious and important campaign we've ever run.  It's called Sign On and you're looking...

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