Pulp and paper company APRIL, along with its sister companies, is the greatest threat to the Indonesian rainforest. But these destructive companies are telling fibs to stop their customers deserting them. Here are APRIL's six biggest porkies.

Myth #1: “APRIL is not deforesting Indonesia”

Last year APRIL’s then-public relations director was busted in an interview with The Guardian claiming that APRIL isn’t involved in deforestation (from 2.30 minutes onwards – it’s well worth a watch!). He left the company soon after, but we have again caught APRIL making this baffling claim in a leaked customer briefing, claiming “We reforest, not deforest”.

APRIL and its sister companies in the Royal Golden Eagle group (RGE) imply that tearing down a rainforest and replacing it with a monoculture plantation is actually a good thing!