Dodgy headlinesI hate misleading headlines. The Herald today has an article titled: "Many think it's too late for climate, survey finds" - oh my gosh we think - how are we ever going to do anything about it it everyone has given up??

But read on and the truth of it is different.


Ten per cent of New Zealanders believe it is too late to do anything about climate change, a new survey reveals.


The poll of more than 4000 household shoppers showed "hundreds" thought it was too late to act on climate change. Only one in 10 New Zealanders and about two in 10 Australians thought time had run out. And it gets better as you read on - The survey showed nine in 10 people believed immediate action was required. "It is time to move on from problems to solutions because consumers are crying out for that."

Too right!


"Most people thought they had a personal obligation to engage," Mr McElwain said. "Many are looking for leadership."


That is good to hear. There's lots of things people can do to engage in solutions including joining Greenpeace in calling on the Government to lead strongly on climate.

The Emissions Trading Scheme is under negotiation right now - perhaps you'd like to send Helen Clark and John Key a message to urge them towards good a result.