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  • Minister for Conservation of What?

    Blogpost by Rosalind Atkinson - July 29, 2014 at 11:07

    Attendees at the Fish and Game council’s hui earlier this month raised concerns over Conservation Minister Nick Smith’s attempt to reduce their ability to advocate for freshwater quality. The Minister is said to have implied that he would restructure the council unless they became less ‘noisy’ and stopped behaving like a ‘rabid NGO’.

    David Hayes, who’s the president of the Freshwater Anglers Association, said Dr. Smith’s “bullying” implication was that the Fish and Game Council’s advocacy was getting in the way of economic growth. Radio New Zealand reported that Fish and Game chief executive Bryce Johnson confirmed the minister’s hostile attitude. It’s a pretty short-sighted form of economics that thinks destroying fresh water and fisheries is going to lead to increased wellbeing for peo...

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  • #ClimateVoter Question Time

    Blogpost by Rosalind Atkinson - July 25, 2014 at 12:15

    Since launching on the 22nd June Climate Voter has been asking a ‘Question of the Week’ to see what action political parties will take on various climate related issues. This is to let voters decide which policies they want to support going into the election. As we near 25,000 Climate Voters, here’s my take on the answers from the first four questions.

    Part of the reason climate change is such a tricky issue is the difficulty of separating the science and the politics. The science is clear and certain: humans are altering the planet’s climate in scary and unprecedented ways. (If your grumpy uncle tries to tell you it’s volcanoes/sunspots/ locusts/lizard people, set him right using some basic facts like the Guardian’s FAQ).

    It may be hard to face, but the climate is in crisis, and without ... Read more >

  • Dear LEGO employees...

    Blogpost by Ian Duff - July 23, 2014 at 16:53

    Hi. My name is Ian and I'm a campaigner with Greenpeace. I'm also a new dad and a big fan of LEGO. She's a little young now, but I know that in a few years my baby girl will be building her own dreams out of your colourful little bricks. Read more >

    I am sure that you feel very privileged to work at LEGO. I feel the same about Greenpeace and in a way we are similar – trying to build a better world for the next generation and our children.

    For me that's a world that has moved past fossil fuels and into a new era of clean energy. It means companies like LEGO pledging to go beyond oil (which, to your great credit, you have already promised to do). It means seeing the melting Arctic as a warning sign that we are pushing our planetary luck – and not as an opportunity to drill for more of the oil that ca...

  • 48 hours of action against LEGO - this is just the start

    Blogpost by sara_a - July 21, 2014 at 10:24