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  • Banners on the Beach: Oily people at New Brighton pier

    Blogpost by Siana Fitzjohn - February 28, 2014 at 17:59

    Communities are rising up around Aotearoa to say no to deep sea drilling off their coast. Below we hear from longtime activist and passionate Cantabrian, Siana Fitzjohn, about their day of banners and oily beach-goers.

    On the 15th February our Christchurch-based group, Oil Free Otautahi, got ready  to haul our homemade banners, signs, and sandwiches down to blustery New Brighton beach to say (for what felt like the hundredth time) NO to deep sea oil drilling and YES to a clean energy future. 'Banners on Beaches' was a Greenpeace initiative whereby communities and campaigning groups were provided with resources and support to host events on their local beaches. What resulted was a staggering 2300 people flocking to beaches all down the East Coast of the South Island from Golden Bay to Bluff t...
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  • Pulling back the shower curtain: Find out about P&G's dirty secret!

    Blogpost by Bustar Maitar - February 26, 2014 at 17:58

    Procter & Gamble claims that nearly 5 billion people use it products, among them the anti-dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders. But what's not so squeaky clean is that P&G is making those billions of consumers unknowingly part of an environmental scandal.

    Greenpeace today reveals the result of a year-long investigation showing P&G is sourcing palm oil from companies connected to widespread forest devastation. Its sourcing policies also expose its supply chain to forest fires and habitat destruction that is further pushing the Sumatran tiger to the edge of extinction.