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  • Stories from the Rainbow Warrior: Episode 5

    Blogpost by Brian Fitzgerald - November 14, 2011 at 8:21

    Rien Achterberg has seen Greenpeace ships come and go for 38 years. He was aboard the first Rainbow Warrior when she was bombed in Auckland harbour by French agents trying to foil our campaign against nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific.

    Here's an interview he did for us aboard the Sirius, a now-retired ship that served Greenpeace for many years, and whose analogue controls and old diesel engines serve as a stark contrast to our sparkling new, all-digital, hyper-efficient, activist sailing ship, the Rainbow Warrior. 

    Pablo and Seychelle, London

    What remains constant between then and now? What's the line connecting Rien Achterberg and Pablo and Seychelle, the New Hands on Deck who are currently aboard the Rainbow Warrior? Rien got it right: Ideals. Spirit.

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  • John Key fooling no one as petition clocks 100K

    Blogpost by Steve Abel - November 11, 2011 at 15:13

    The Prime Minister’s assertions that there is no relationship between the Rena oil spill and the risks of deep sea oil drilling clearly don’t wash with the public.

    Greenpeace launched a petition last year when the Government announced its plans to create a deep sea drilling industry in New Zealand. At exactly the same time, millions of litres of oil from a deep sea blow-out were spewing into the Gulf of Mexico from a well beneath BP’s deep sea rig the Deepwater Horizon. The environmental disaster has since been named as the United States’ worst.

    Our petition calls for an end to deep sea oil drilling, as well as for a halt to plans to expand the coal industry, and a shift to clean energy. Once launched, the petition quickly gained strong support, getting thousands of signatures in th... Read more >

  • Destroying our precious rainforests certainly isn't the Weedons Way!

    Blogpost by Siana Fitzjohn - November 11, 2011 at 12:30

    Toilet paper is a handy little luxury that in addition to our conventional use has made its appearance in pranks, papier mache models and mummy outfits for Halloween.

    Kids know better than anyone all the ways in which we can use toilet paper, so I thought they'd be the best people to go to for advice on loo roll issues.

    We went to Weedons school in Canterbury to ask Room 4 what they thought of pulp from rainforest destruction making its way into our supermarket brands like Cottonsoft and Paseo. They were not impressed at all!

    Destroying our precious rainforests certainly isn't the "Weedons Way".

    They already knew that rainforests took a long time to grow but a very short time to flush down the toilet. They could also name lots of the animals like tigers and orangutans that n... Read more >

  • Don’t Hack the Hippies: Nuclear giant EDF found guilty of spying on Greenpeace

    Blogpost by Justin McKeating - November 11, 2011 at 8:47

    Edf Stop EPR France

    As the great Mahatma Gandhi (nearly) said, ”First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they spy on you, then you win”.

    That’s pretty much the chain of events that lead to today’s conviction by a French court of French state electricity company, Electricité de France SA (EDF) for spying on us. The court fined the company 1.5 million Euros and ordered it to pay €500,000 in damages to Greenpeace France. In addition, the court sent the four men involved, two of them senior EDF executives, to jail as well - and fined three of them.

    EDF’s spying operation monitored Greenpeace while we challenged plans by the UK government to work with EDF to expand its nuclear operations. Clearly worried about this - and losing the nuclear debate in France, EDF somehow decided a cloak and dagg... Read more >

  • The Story of Broke: New Video and Interview with Annie Leonard

    Blogpost by chris eaton - November 9, 2011 at 13:38


    Are you sick and tired of corporate polluters not only destroying the environment but actively blocking the creation of a green economy for the 21st century?

    So is Annie Leonard, the film maker who has inspired millions with the "The Story of Stuff," an incredible film about how our "throw away economy" is trashing the planet. Her new film, "The Story of Broke: Why There's Still Plenty of Money to Build a Better Future," challenges the illusion that we don't have the resources to build a sustainable society; instead of giving tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies with massive profits, we could be creating green jobs for all.

    While the film is a must see, I am also super excited to present it to you because Annie worked for Greenpeace for almost ten years! And even though ... Read more >

  • APP is on the attack but still won’t abandon rainforest destruction

    Blogpost by Andy Tait, Greenpeace UK - November 8, 2011 at 13:17

    A few days ago we revealed that Asia Pulp and Paper, the world’s most notorious rainforest destroyer and owner of the NZ Cottonsoft toilet paper brand, has lost more customers. Lots of big clients have walked away because APP keeps on using Indonesian rainforest fibre in its products - including its the Cottonsoft toilet paper sold in NZ supermarkets .  And last week, APP’s ill-judged advertising campaign, ‘ APP cares’ was called ‘misleading’ by advertising standards officials in Holland.

    APP’s response? They wheeled out their creaking publicity machine in the guise of New York-based public relations outfit Cohn & Wolfe. Cohn & Wolfe spammed journalists around the world with an email saying Greenpeace made ‘false allegations against Asia Pulp and Paper’. Our campaign 'misleads' the toy ind... Read more >

  • Thank you Amsterdam! London here we come!

    Blogpost by Brian Fitzgerald - November 6, 2011 at 13:11

    Amsterdam gave the new Rainbow Warrior a great welcome and sent her off in style today as well. We showed off her environmentally friendly construction, her hyper-efficient sails, and her revolutionary A-frame mast design to 12,000 visitors -- with special tours for the donors and supporters who made her possible. 


    On the Java Eiland Greenpeace Netherlands created a week-long festival with bands, organic shopping, bicycle-powered internet, workshops, and presentations.


    We'll transit the North Sea today and tomorrow. Yesterday Bruce Sterling, science fiction author, futurist, and "design critic of things not yet invented," took a tour of the ship. He took a keen interest in, well, the chairs actually. And quite a few things none of the several thousand visitors ... Read more >

  • Standing up - in court - for the oceans

    Blogpost by YuFen Kao, Greenpeace East Asia - November 5, 2011 at 13:09

    yu fen kao

    My name is YuFen Kao, and I believe that here in Taiwan, the future of our oceans deserves a public debate.

    As an oceans campaigner here, I am currently involved in a court case stemming from a peaceful protest conducted when the Rainbow Warrior was here in Taiwan earlier this year. In January, Greenpeace had informed the public and the authorities that a 3,431 ton flag of convenience refrigerated fish carrier ship was not yet registered to comply with the flag of convenience ordinance in Taiwan. The vessel, the MV Lung Yuin, was about 300 meter away from us onboard the Rainbow Warrior in port, and that would have been the perfect opportunity for the Taiwanese government to make good on its enforcement promises. As one of the world’s largest fishing powers, Taiwan holds a huge responsi... Read more >

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